Sunday, June 19, 2016

This is COTD Style

I love color. ALL colors. I also love creativity and style. As an interior designer by day and budget fashionista by night, I always have fun putting my outfit together for the next work day but have been struggling lately. Well, put all these things together and my husband and I thought of something fun to do.

What started out as a fun little style challenge for us has turned into something a bit bigger. I have a lot of colorful clothing, accessories, and trinkets. So my husband said one day, "Why don't I come up with two colors each night and you have to build your wardrobe including them for the next day???" Yup, and DONE.

Hence COTD Style was born. (COTD stands for C color, O of, T the, D day).

Everyone has a wardrobe, if you like it or not. By playing COTD, you are forced to "look" at what you own, "think" of how to use colors differently, "mix" patterns you normally wouldn't dream of, and do this all for fun and FREE! You learn what you actually own, how to layer items, mix and match them, explore, and create new uses for them.

Best of all? POST YOUR PICS in our Facebook group (you'll have to ask permission to join) so your fellow color lovers can see you! Let's see your sassiness, your colorful and inventive selves, with your best foot forward. Including all your the confidence in the world.

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